16 High Bay Light Aluminium 101

Popular high bay light model from china street light supplier.
High bay lighting is typically found in applications such as warehouses, sports halls, assembly areas, food processing plants and aircraft hangars. Traditional high bay fixtures normally use HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps. Metal Halide is most commonly used for indoor application since it emits a white light that is much more pleasant to the eyes than High Pressure Sodium fittings which usually give off an orange colored light.
-Hottest high bay light for export market and china market.
-High pressure die casting aluminum gear box
-High purity anodized aluminum reflector or UV and high temperature resistant PC LAMP COVER.
-Reflector Size:12" / 16" / 19" / 22" for different model.
-Bottom cover: Tempered glass or PC (Polycarbonate)
-New design for high bay light accept by customer request.
-Heat-resistant silicone rubber seal
-Corrosion resistance.
-High shock & vibration resistant
-Application: Stadium, workshop, warehouse, airport, railway station, gas station

  • Model: HBL-0001