Flood Light AFD-0048

Flood Light Technology Specifications:

-Hottest led floodlights sell model for global market.
-High-Pressure Die Casting Aluminum body,
-High-Purity Aluminum Reflector With Optional Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Light Distribution for different model.
-Tempered Glass And High Temperature Silicon Sealing Ring.
-Weatherproof and durable silicon sealing gasket
-Standard color: RAL color upon request.
--Your best choose for led floodlights from china.
-Flood Light Characteristics:
-IP Rating:IP65
-Ballast Compartment:IP44
-Electrical Insulation: Class 1
-Operating Voltage:110-130V/60Hz 220-240V/50Hz
-Lamp Type: HPS/MH
-Lamp Holder:E40/E27/Rx7S for different model.
-This type of led floodlights is obtained by using a powerful projectors on any line.
-This type of lighting is mostly employed for decoration of buildings, public places, monuments, stadiums, Airports, Advertisement boards, etc.

  • Model: Flood Light AFD-0048