Lighting Pole ALP-0003

Lighting pole specifications:

-Popular light poles for global market and china market.
-Material:SS400, Q235,A36 (yield strength: 235Pa 24kg/mm2 Tensile Strength: 375-460Pa 38-47kg/mm2.(other Material is available on request).
-Finish: Hot-dip galvanization to ASTM A123-01 or be color powder coating after galvanization.
-Full Color Polyester Powder Coated base on RAL.
-Shape: Tapered, Octagonal, Conical, Round
-With demounted bracket design, easy loaded, install, and maintenance.
-Theft proof slide lock (optional)
-Use for: Street lighting pole, Garden Lighting pole Solar Street lighting pole, High Mast, high mast light poles and traffic pole.
-Your best choose for light poles from china.
-Wind speed: 160KHM.
-Height: full range is available on request.
-Welding: Welding complies with global standard. All sharp edges and burrs are removed.
-Never hesitate contact us for light poles any comments and question.
-The poles can also be customized based on end-users.

  • Model: Lighting Pole ALP-0003

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